Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Smiles on the Southern Oregon Coast

We've had two day's with solid 4.2 wind and a little wind swell. After an excellent day of sailing at Pistol River, we decided to stick with what was working good and headed back there on Tuesday for another epic session.

Winds were cranking when we pulled up and the wind swell had built a little bit to give us some good ramps for jumping. Pablo snagged a pair of booties from Ray to keep his feet warm this time around and it seemed to keep him in the water a little longer, (but not by much!)

After this we're planning to venture a little bit north to Floras Lake to meet up with friends and family, and hopefully get some nice freestyle conditions.




  1. Dude, you guys are killing me.

  2. Impressive wave shots!

  3. hey people, im the colombian´s cousin, and im following u all the way down here in the south... is awsome what u doing and i love the shots u ara taking... hope one day i can join the team! hey couz! chill bro!