Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scoring the Santa Cruz South Swell!

Wow! Luck turned our way as we made it down to Santa Cruz just in time for the largest south swell of the season.

The wind on this leg of the journey has been a little on the light side but certainly enough to get two solid days on the water in the central coast. Yesterday, after Luke and I had a nice stand up session in the morning, we were all eager to see if we could get some real windsurfing conditions as the ground swell grew larger and larger throughout the day. "Why isn't it windy yet? What should we do? Drive 7 hours
north? 4 hours south? We were all huddled around Luke's iphone frantically checking wind forecasts for the entire west coast. Luckily around 4 o'clock the wind finally popped and everyone hit the water. I managed to get behind the lens in the evening and got some shots of the great wave sailing conditions everyone scored.

It has been really great to be down here the past few days; the beaches are beautiful, the windsurfing conditions are incredible, and the local sailors are all really great people. It's been awesome to see just how many windsurfers are out here on the coast ripping it up every sailable day.

Now we're faced with yet another tough choice. Shall we continue on south to Jalama despite a somewhat unpredictable wind forecast? Or chase the south swell back up the coast to Cape Sebastian for some potentially epic conditions?



  1. Looks sick!!!! Let the records show one vote for Cape Sebastian, it's gonna be epic here the next few days... :)

  2. What did you guy decide today? I'm heading down to Arroyo to give it a shot. Enter these coordinates on Google Maps... 35.652111, -121.223044 (those are the exact coordinate to the spot - you'll see the few kites and sails from the highway 1. Hope to see you there guys.