Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Da wind is blowing

Good morning America! Bless mother nature and the wind that is given to us to shred the waters on our windsurfers. The sun is shinning and we are ready to hit the water. Boards are in, cameras are out, and the best part, the water is not too cold.

Almost 4 hours of sailing pulling some sick Flakas, almost double-Spocks, Shakas, Ponches, and a few more moves left us with big smiles in our faces and a huge appetite.

I have to give big props and many mahalos to our main photographer Ray for enduring the warm and burning sun on his back while we were bathing in adrenaline and cold refreshing water. He found a really nice place to shoot in top of a cliff giving him the best view for his wide angle lens.
After collecting the best footage of what we could have gotten we decided to call it a day. The moon rose slowly with her glamorous glare and beauty of lady like. It's time to lay back and enjoy the quiet evening among friends.
Tomorrow will be another day!!!
The Colombian ( Pablo )

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