Friday, July 17, 2009

No Wind, No Problem

Driving north from the Pistol River area we made it up to Floras Lake in time to get together with a great group of friends who some of us haven't seen for 5 years. Unfortunately the valley inland heated up a little too much, blanketing the coast with a marine layer that shut down the

We took out the jet ski for some tow in windsurfing, something we've only done one time before in the narrow Chetco river which ended with me completely shredding one of Luke's nice fins on the river bar. The lake proved to be a much easier venue to tow, which gave us room to accelerate fast enough to pull some fully planning freestyle moves on a 5.0 in 5 knots of wind!

Regardless, Luke and I were determined to get our freestyle fix in the fog at the lake. Sometimes you can slog out in light wind and catch waves, and sometime you need 1000lbs of steel and burning gasoline to get yourself going.

The plan is to sail Cape Sebastian with a little north swell today with all our friends and then start heading south towards Cape Mendocino for the California portion of our adventure.



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