Saturday, July 4, 2009

well well well

So "The Wind Trip" has gave us no wind but all smiles from the boys. We all had good PreFunk sessions before the trip (Ray catching Maui's Southshore, The Freestyle boys JP and Derek at the Hatch, and myself at the Newport Jetti and Oceanside.

So now after the skim session in the Gorge, "the McDonalds incident" we are on the coast!!! The cooler weather gave us new energy and we hit the sand hill at Cape Kiwanda followed by a

super fun surf session. We treked to Newport and grabbed some Dutch Bros and set up camp at Southbeach in newport. We met a freestyle rapper and some other friends and were merry all night long.

Today we will head towards the lake and hopefully sneek a quick mini south swell session in Port Orford. We will be monitoring our coastlines for anything interesting and worth our while.

Much Love

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