Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cape Sebastian goes off!

You don't have to experience the wind on the Southern Oregon coast to know how hard it blows here. The branches on the trees grow only on one side pointing south, any shrubbery that is lucky to be alive near the ocean lays low, and rugged sea cliffs stand tall over sand dunes that have larger cornices than you'll find over a whole winter skiing. We woke up yesterday to the sun shining and the wind howling. The fog had burned off and the Oregon coast was ready to deliver the winds that we've all been waiting for.

We drove south to Cape Sebastian where we were greeted by a familiar white capped ocean and a nice westerly swell as a bonus. Luke, at 200 lbs was powered on a 3.5. I put up my 3.7 and somehow Ray and Juan Pablo, the lighter weights, were out ripping on 4.3's. Sunya came down to join us sailing from Floras Lake along with our good friends Patrick and Paul Nicholson, the whole Pistol River crew, and a couple of Ray's friends from Chico.

There was definitely no shortage of action from everyone on the water. The tourists lining the cliffside along highway 101 were entertained with 5 hours of aerials, back loops, forward loops, wave 360's, air chacho's, 1 handed goiters and sick wave rides.

Video was rolling, cameras were out and Ray even threw on the helmet cam. Check back for an update with footage.

Today is supposed to be another windy day and it looks like the lost coast is going to start firing wednesday and thursday. The adventure continues...

Stay tuned!


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  1. I am so glad you guys are having such an awesome time...although I am ready to have my Colombian back! I love the blog and the photos are great! Rock on.... Stacey