Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DD in the cold at Pistol River

Wow!!! Let me tell you beforehand that I grew up in a small island in the Caribbean with 80 degree waters. When I was 19 I moved to Hawaii and now I find myself on the west coast doing
The Trip, going in the water with this uncomfortable rubber suit to protect me from the cold, and wishing I had way more accessories to beat the low temperature
of the water.Before I decided to embark on this amazing and epic adventure I thought nothing would matter once I was in the water ripping the waves, but oh boy was I wrong!! I had to take short breaks yesterday to warm up my feet. They were so numb I didn't even know if I had them in the straps.
Regardless of the cold water for me, and I say
"for me" only because the rest of the guys and the locals thought the water temperature was great. The wind was perfect. 4.2 conditions and small ramps that allowed us to throw some sick
loops and other intense moves.
The session was great and like everything in life is just matter of getting familar to it. Today I hope to cope better with the cold water, and maybe we'll be able to get our masts separated a little easier after the session.
The Colombian ( Pablo )

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  1. Juan, Great sailing with numb feet! Just think what you could pull off if you could feel your feet! Buy some booties and maybe a hood from Will at Floras Lake! Do it! Have the crew chip in.