Thursday, July 2, 2009


Whoa, what a day of packing, flying, and driving.

I started the morning in sunny Haiku, Maui, loaded up 3 windsurf boards, 1 surfboard, 4 sails, 3 masts, booms, extensions, fins, camera stuff, clothes etc. etc. etc. All in all my luggage came out to a little over 300 lbs for 5 bags.

Upon arriving at the Portland airport I was stoked to see my good friend Luke pull up to the sidewalk with a boards, bikes, and a jet ski behind. After loading up, we were off to a friends house in Rowena, about an hour away where we camped out for the night on their beautiful front yard right on the water.

Unfortunately I didn't wake up to howling wind coming down the canyon. The wind forecast is looking a little dismal right now. Sounds like time for a little tow in skim boarding!



  1. Sounds good dudes.
    Have fun!

  2. Deja vu road tripping Cal coast in the 60's - jealous dad