Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Hatch

Its been 2 days since Derek and I (Pablo) arrived to Hood River. The wind has been blasting and the conditions have been solid. It's the third day and we are waiting for the rest of the Hot Sails Maui crew (Ray and Luke) to arrive. I am so beat from sailing with 4.1 conditions that I decided to take some shots of Derek. The sun is shinning, winds are blasting and Derek has the determination to show some sick moves in front of the camera. He goes for some sick Flakas and Spocks on the inside. After a good session we go for a good burrito at Taco del Mar and called it a day.

The Colombian ( Pablo )


  1. Juanpa! Que belleza de fotos! Te queremos mucho,
    -Ariana y Pati

  2. this web is so bad